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Pre-AP Algebra II

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 Algebra II Resources  

*Text is Algebra 2 ©2003 by Glencoe/McGraw Hill

Algebra 2  Links for all sections include:

http://www.algebra2.com/extra_examples  additional worked out examples

http://www.algebra2.com/self_check_quiz  practice quiz for each lesson

http://www.algebra2.com/chapter_test  self-checking test for each chapter




  • All assignments due the next day unless stated otherwise.


Factoring PowerPoint , Factoring Classwork , Factoring HW, factorize-medium.pdf , factorize-hard.pdf , difference-of-squares-level-1.pdf , difference-of-squares-level-2.pdf , trinomial-level-1.pdf , trinomial-level-2.pdf , factorize-grouping-level-1.pdf , factorize-grouping-level-2.pdf


Roots of real numbers.pptRadical Notes, Classwork, Homework

Simplifying radical expressions.ppt, Radical Expressions II PPT, Classwork, Homework















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